ATV Paradise

ATV Paradise

With endless trails leading into the beautiful Selkirk and Purcell mountains cradling the Creston Valley, ATV enthusiasts will find themselves begging for more time to explore all that the valley has to offer aboard their side by side, ATV, or dirt bike.

Are you a weekend warrior visiting the Creston Valley? Here is a sample of some fun weekend adventures you can experience on your ORV.

Boundary Lake
Staging: Maryland Forest Service road 30km West of Creston
Distance from Staging: 14.2km

What to expect: Cascading waterfalls, clear running streams, wide multi-use forest service road as the trail access to the lake. Boundary Lake offers swimming, fishing and camping amenities. Endless trail systems surround Boundary Lake with access to the Kokanee Country Club’s Terry Watt Memorial Cabin available for public use. You may experience opportunities to view wildlife including bears, both black bears and grizzily bears. Give all wildlife at lease 100m of space to prevent any potential conflict and never feed wildlife. Human food conditioning of wildlife is one of the leading cause of mortality in British Columbia. Please pack out what you pack in to help keep the backcountry beautiful and safe for all to enjoy.

Difficulty level: Easy for all skills. Click here for more information.

Woodenshoe Lake
Staging: The base of Sanca Creek FSR 38.6 km from Creston North on Hwy 3-A

Follow the main road for 10km then turn right onto the Sanca/Eastfork road. Stay on this road to 10.5 km, then turn right onto the Sanca/Southfork road. Continue on this road, taking a left at 12.5 km, a left at 15.6km, a right at 17 km, a right at 17.8 km, a left at 18.7 km, a left at 21.4 km, and turn left into the parking area at 22 km. It is easy to get turned around heading in to Woodenshoe Lake so a GPS is recommended.

Distance from Staging:  22km

What to expect: Incredible scenery, wildlife viewing and a clear welcoming mountain lake with a rustic sandy beach. You may find huckleberries, Saskatoon berries and blackberries along the way that will sweeten the adventure. The lake is stocked with cutthroat trout, which can be caught from shore or by canoe/bellyboat.The waters are inviting for swimmers looking to cool off from those long hot summer days in the Kootenays.

Difficulty level: Easy for all skill levels to access, but pay close attention to directions and gps coordinates if unfamiliar with the area. Click here for more information.

Carol Creek/Little Moyie Forest Service Road
Staging: Carol Creek Forest Service road 38.3km East of the Creston

What to expect: This is a multi use forest service road that meanders through the Little Moyie River Valley, with much to see by way of scenery and wildlife. In springtime and early summer the little Moyie Bog is filled to the brim with water bursting with wildlife. Including tadpoles, Great Blue Heron, moose, waterfowl, turtles and so much more. Continuing on the adventure into Mission Creek FSR, cascading cool running waters, pristine waterfalls and breathtaking views of Thompson Mountain will leave you in a state of awe. In the months of July and August, keep your eyes peeled for huckleberries, which are by far the most sought after berry in the Kootenays. Are you a mushroom enthusiast? Several edible species of mushrooms including Morels, Chantrelles, Boletes and Oyster mushrooms are plentiful. It is recommended to seek the advice of a seasoned mushroom picker if you are unsure before consuming any mushrooms, for several look-alikes are equally plentiful. There are many roads and trails branching off of the main forest service roads to explore, with hidden gems around each corner.

Difficulty Level: Easy for all skill levels. 

With any backcountry adventure in the Kootenays, it’s important to remember that you are in bear country. Familiarize yourself with Bear Safety, carry bear spray and know how to use it, and always pack in what you pack out. For bear spray training, you can visit Trish at Kootenay Speed shop located at 1525 Northwest Boulevard, where you will learn bear safety basics, and how to utilize bear spray effectively. 

The Creston Valley Quad Squad is the local ATV Club in the valley.  They host many group rides, and events.