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There is nothing quite like fishing in the Kootenays. Whether you are a hardcore angler, or a family looking to have some fun, the clean running streams, lakes and rivers surrounding the Creston Valley will give you hours of enjoyment.

Did someone say Bass? Duck Lake, located minutes North West of Creston is known as one of the best Widemouth Bass fishing Lakes in Canada. With sizes averaging between two and six pounds, it is not uncommon to hook one in the double digits. Not a hardcore fisherman? No worries, Duck Lake also hosts ample perch and sunfish for the kids to catch, anywhere along the shoreline. Access to the lake can be found via the Duck Lake Road, or across from the Sirdar Pub on its North East shoreline. Duck lake freezes over in the winter months which allows for excellent ice fishing. A special CVWMA Permit must be purchased to fish the waterways within the Management area. 

Tackle: Bass poppers, Rattlers synthetic Bass Worms

Perch: snelled hook with bait worms, power bait

Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area Map
Duck Lake Contour Map
CVWMA Fishing Permits

Rocky bottom rivers and streams around the valley play host to endless hours of spin casting or fly fishing for Trout. None is more pristine than the treasured Goat River and its tributaries. 85 km in length with headwaters high in the Purcell mountains west of the Mallaindine Pass, it meanders south along Highway 3, through Erickson where it gradually meets the Kootenay River. There are special regulations, and catch and release zones along the Goat River, so please check regulations to ensure compliance. The Goat and its tributaries offer excellent cutthroat and brook trout fishing. Are you looking for a family-friendly fishing option? Kitchener Creek (Meadow Creek) And Kid Creek will provide consistent results, no matter the skill level with easy access along Highway 3. The Kid Creek rest area is an excellent choice for a family day trip. 

Recommended Tackle

Fly Fishing: dry flies such as Parachute dun, blue dun, white wulf, and elk hair caddis are all solid choices, with Grasshopper imitations such as a Letort or Joes hopper being extremely effective in the month of August and early September. Wet flies such as beadhead nymphs, and wooley worms

Kootenay Lake. Located East of Creston along Highway 3-A, this lake is the fifth largest lake in British Columbia with over 452 kms of shoreline. It's clean clear and deep hosting a multitude of species including 15 to 25 pound Gerrard Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout averaging between six and twelve pounds, burbot, kokanee salmon, mountain whitefish, sturgeon, perch, largemouth bass and more.

Fishing is easy along the shorelines of Highway 3-A, especially where rocky outcroppings drop off quickly.

Spin casting: Spoons including a Kamlooper, Len Thompson, or spinners such as panther martins and rooster tails will yield results. Cast a Fly or set up a stationary bobber and bait type set up, and you’ll also find success most days, especially around Blue Point, near Sanca Creek. 

Boat Fishing: Trolling with downriggers and planer boards seems to be the ticket for enticing those warylunkers in the deep waters when fishing by boat especially if you are after a 20 plus pound Gerrard Rainbow. 

There are special conditions and regulations applied to many of the freshwater sources in the Kootenays. Please check regulations to ensure compliance. 

Fishing permits can be purchased online or in person at the local tackle and bait shops Wynndel Foods and Mawson Sports.